Stay Here

Stay Here | The New Single From Fatiniza

Fatiniza relocated to beautiful Costa Rica where she is consolidating her career in Latin America. While we are still locked down to some degree all over the world, Fatiniza has been using the time creatively to write and produce great music new for her 3rd Album ‘Historias’.

The new single Stay Here, written by Fatiniza and produced by Joshua F. Williams, is a powerful ballad and follows the story of a young surfer who falls into bad company while trying to hang on to the love of his life.

Filmed in Tamarindo, one of the most popular surfing destinations in Costa Rica, the lead role of this gritty story is portrayed by Pro Surfer Tomas King.  Another resident of Tamarindo who gets a cameo appearance is veteran surfing legend Robert August. August is best known for the 1960’s surfing pop culture films Endless Summer.

Stay Here is available for download and streaming on all major music platforms.

Fatiniza is a Colombian artist from Bucaramanga and is identified with the Latin Pop genre. Although Fatiniza studied Financial Administration and successfully completed her University Degree, her artistic life began at a very young age and she always dedicated her life to music. This led to traveling to foreign countries and exploring new culture and eventually her voice reached the United Arab Emirates where she resided in Dubai, the cosmopolitan Arabian city. Fatiniza became a mandatory show for tourists and great personalities such as His Majesty Sheik Mohamed Al Maktoum, Golfer Tiger Woods, and Italian football giants A.C Milan who like may other witnessed her talent.

In 2020 Fatiniza released her pandemic anthem ‘Hoy’.  A song still relevant for our time that fills us with hope and invites us to have the strength to overcome challenges that we are all currently facing. Fatiniza and her talent for writing stories surrounds us with beautiful emotions and gives us a powerful message of optimism, encouraging us to stop for a moment in our fast-paced lives and reflect on the present.

With HOY, Fatiniza reached the Top 20 on Latin radio stations in Colombia and closed a successful Latin American media tour with her video HOY on the national news.

Fatiniza has two previous album releases, the first is ‘Confusión’ released in 2010, from which came the single ‘Confusion’ the Spanish version of ‘Out of Control’ which reached the main pop chart in Colombia. In 2012 Fatiniza won ‘Best Female Singer’ and ‘Song of the Year’ for her debut single ‘Out of Control’ at ‘The Bite My Music Global Awards’ held in Asia. Then in 2013 Fatiniza released ‘Nothing is impossible’ with which she achieved several recognitions and Music Video for Marinero/Sailor was nominated for Best Music Video is the Zaragoza Film Festival in Spain.

With a great repertoire of songs, acknowledgement from Rolling Stone Magazine in Dubai and from thousands of nominated artists in various countries winning the ‘Independent Music Awards’, Fatiniza has made impressive progress on her artistic career.



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