“Stay Here” New Single Release

When some friends said we were going to hear a great Latino singer at a local restaurant one night in 2019, my first thoughts were, “OK, we’ll see how great.”

The featured entertainer, Fatiniza, was already singing when we arrived. Before we even got to our table, I was captivated by her zesty and energetic performance. I’m not a music critic, but I do recognize someone who can do far more than just sound good and put on a “show.”

For more than a decade, Colombian-born Fatiniza Gamarra has been capturing attention from ever-wider audiences across the world, from Costa Rica and the Mayan Riviera to Singapore and Dubai. Just reading about this vivacious stage and recording sensation will not do justice to her essence. Her passion as an artist comes across in the music videos she has produced. But it’s when you see her perform live behind the mic that you can truly appreciate this dynamo of a musician.

The following are highlights of my recent interview with the wife, mother and full-time singer/songwriter. 

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Author is Terry Carlile, Howler Mag